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Hadassah Hospital

Phone: (972) 2-641-0768
Fax: (972) 2-641-0768

If you are considering a visit to Israel to receive medical treatment, we invite you to apply to Hadassah – Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem. Hadassah is a leading Israeli academic multispecialty medical center. Our physicians are fluent in English. These are world-class specialists, who have completed fellowship training in leading academic centers in North America or Europe, and they will provide you with care at the highest Western standard. This high standard of care is available for both Israeli citizens and patients visiting from abroad, generally at a fraction of the price for comparable treatment in most Western nations.

Raisa Medical is Hadassah’s official marketing agent, and we offer you our services as you plan your trip to Hadassah. You or your physician can contact us directly by:
Phone: +972-2-6410768                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Email:
Fax: +972-2-6410768

You will be asked to provide a letter from your physician describing your health care need, as well as findings from tests and diagnostic imaging studies. We will provide a description of services that are recommended, including further diagnostic tests as well as treatment. Our response will include an estimated cost of treatment. Our response is generally provided within three business days